The Benefits of a Digital Loyalty Card

There’s nothing worse than getting in the checkout line for your favorite business and realizing that you forgot your rewards card! That’s where having a digital loyalty rewards card comes in. 

At Loyappty, our loyalty rewards program will help your customers create a digital loyalty card that can be kept in their Apple Wallet or Google Pay. Learn more about the benefits of choosing a digital loyalty card for your customers in this blog. 

If you’re ready to download Loyappty, you can find it in the Clover App Market and it works any Clover POS system. If you don’t operate using Clover, then you can use our KIOSK app to turn any smartphone or tablet into a rewards scanner.   

Benefits of Choosing a Digital Loyalty Card

Real-Time Data

Since you’re tracking your rewards program online, you get real-time data on your customers’ spending and shopping habits. With a paper punch card or rewards program, you aren’t able to collect that kind of data. This can help you better understand what sales and promotions are most beneficial for your business and properly reward and incentivize your loyal customers! 


As you set up Loyappty, you have the ability to customize your signup screen and digital rewards card. But businesses update or change. When you have a paper rewards system, you’ll have to re-print your cards if you decide to change your branding or logo. With a digital rewards card, you can log into Loyappty and instantly update your business branding!


A digital loyalty card is an easy way to organize a rewards program. For your customer, they don’t have to remember or bring their card with them. On top of that, your employees don’t have to worry about managing and storing any paperwork or rewards cards. Everything is done digitally using Loyappty! 


A digital rewards card is also more efficient for both your customer and business. Your customer doesn’t have to physically dig through their wallet to find a card. On top of that, your business doesn’t have to spend time scanning or handling a physical rewards card. Instead, simply scan your customer’s digital wallet for an easy-to-use rewards program!


Another great benefit of a digital loyalty card is the cost. Since you’re not buying anything physical that needs to be handed out or maintained by your business, you’ve saving on the cost. Instead, just pay for your access to Loyappty and you’ll have everything you need to start running your loyalty rewards program! 

From there, you can decide what kinds of rewards you’re offering. If your rewards are all monetary or providing discounts, you still are keeping the cost of your rewards program low!

Enhanced Security 

When it comes to a loyalty rewards program, security might not feel like your greatest priority. But it’s important to recognize that a digital rewards card does provide an added layer of security. Your customer cannot lose their card so they can’t lose or misplace any of their well-earned rewards. 
On top of that, Loyappty itself is a secure program. We store your customer data on encrypted servers so you don’t have to worry about compromising any of your collected data.

Start Rewarding Your Customers Today!

Learn more about how a loyalty rewards program can help your business when you read through our blog: 

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