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See how you can better reward your loyal customers with Loyappty.
Rewards Program

At Loyappty, we’re here to help you and your customers
with our loyalty rewards program!

Read through our FAQ page to learn more about our loyalty rewards programs and why Loyappty is the best way to reward loyal customers. If you operate using the Clover Card Reader, the Loyappty app is an effective and easy way to keep customers coming back to your business. With our program, you’ll get a loyalty reward system that is tailored to your business and your customers. To get started today, download the Loyappty app and start rewarding both your new and returning customers!

When you choose Loyappty for your loyalty rewards program, you can: 

  • Increase the value of your loyal customers
  • Collect customer data that can help inform your business
  • Offer custom rewards and incentives for your clients 
  • Add a loyalty program onto your existing clover POS system, or download our KIOSK app

Frequently Asked Loyappty Questions

Our team has designed Loyappty to give you a program that will help you build loyalty rewards with both your new and returning customers. Read through our FAQs to learn more about our rewards program, along with the benefits it can provide to you, your business, and your customers.

Loyalty Rewards Programs and Customer Retention 

Before we delve into the FAQ concerning our loyalty rewards program Loyappty, we know that any business owner is concerned about how this program will improve their business. The perks of a rewards program extend beyond thanking your loyal customers and providing rewards when your customers save up their points.

In fact, the positive influence of introducing a loyalty rewards program to your business is reflected in the statistics surrounding rewards programs and customer retention rates. According to an infographic created by Customers That Stick, loyal customers are worth 10 times more than their first purchase. Beyond that, customers that keep returning to your business will spend 67% more and will have larger transactions than your new customers. 

The same information from Customers That Stick also explains that it costs your business more to get new customers than to retain your current customers: up to 16 times more to be exact. 

Whether you’re looking for a way to reward your loyal customers, retain customers for longer, or keep your business profitable, loyalty rewards programs are a key part of that. Get started today with Loyappty, and read through our FAQs to learn more about how our specific program can improve your business and your customers’ loyalty.

In general, the term “mobile wallet” — also known as a “digital wallet,” “wallet passes,” “wallet card,” or “mobile wallet passes” — describes content or information in the form of a wallet item or pass stored in the Apple Wallet or Google Pay apps. Think of the mobile wallet as the digital equivalent of all the everyday items you keep in a physical wallet. For example, it gives you the power to digitize loyalty cards, coupons, business cards, tickets, credit cards and more.

Mobile wallets are rarely forgotten because they’re stored on your customer’s phone. In addition, they are very effective and efficient for a business because a mobile wallet can be easily created, managed, and updated. As a result, it allows a business to significantly reduce the cost of a traditional (physical) card program by 10–25 times.

Since we are a mobile wallet loyalty program, your customers get the ease and convenience of always having their reward card stored on their phone. Beyond that, Loyappty offers you real-time data on your customers and sends out timely reminders about expiring or new offers when they are nearby, keeping your customers engaged and thinking about your business.

As we mentioned earlier, Loyappty can help you collect data on your customers through their loyalty rewards card. In addition, Loyappty creates a new communication channel between you and your customer using geo-based messaging.

If a potential customer is near your business, we can have Loyappty geolocationally target those customers, sending them a push notification to their phone. This gives them a customized message from your business, either with additional information about your services, in-store shopping experience, or offering them a limited reward for visiting your shop. You can customize what these location-based messages say through your Loyappty account.

We’ve made it so that you can log in and set up your digital loyalty rewards program by yourself. In fact, you can create a customized digital loyalty card tailored for your customers in just 15 minutes.

When you log into your Loyappty account, you will be guided through the entire process of creating your digital loyalty rewards program. The process is simple: 

  • Design your own loyalty rewards landing page, complete with your logo and business name
  • Decide what information you want to collect from your customers
  • Create your digital loyalty card, choosing your own text, colors, and images 
  • Connect the loyalty program to your POS or through the KIOSK app
  • Automate your recurring tasks
  • Activate location-based messages
  • Choose the rules for your program (e.g. how many points they earn during a purchase and what rewards they can receive) 
  • Then start rewarding your customers today!

The landing page is the first impression your customers get — that is why we allow you to customize this page to fit your aesthetic. This customization helps your customer decide if they want to sign up for rewards. Once they’re ready to join the loyalty program, the landing page will walk them through the process of signing up and receiving their digital loyalty reward card.

Customers will join your rewards program through this landing page. You can, however, customize what information they need to provide in order to join, choosing what type of information you want to collect from your customers. For example, you can have them input their name, phone number, and email address in order to sign up, allowing you to generate an email list of customers.

If you encounter any problems, or have any questions that aren’t answered on this page, you can always reach out to our support team. Just let us know if you have general questions about set up, if you need help with our KIOSK app, or need support for using the program on your Clover POS system.

Their loyalty rewards card is saved in their digital wallet. When your customer visits your business, just scan their QR code with your Clover POS system. If you don’t have a clover POS system, or are unable to scan their QR code with your POS, then you can use your smartphone and our KIOSK redemption app to scan their digital loyalty card.

You, the business owner, decide how your customer earns points! Just customize what your customers have to do to earn points when you set up your loyalty rewards program. To redeem these points, your customer will scan their loyalty card from their digital wallet using a QR code. This will load their card information and give them any points or rewards they earned.

A QR code is a matrix barcode that is unique to your customer and their loyalty reward card. Basically, you can think about a QR code like a digital barcode that is connected to your customer’s loyalty card. This QR code is what they will present through their digital wallet for you to scan.

When you scan their loyalty card during checkout, you can see if they have any rewards or points available for redemption. If they do, select that reward and it will be applied to their purchase. Otherwise, they will continue to earn points from that transaction.

Loyappty is compatible with the Clover POS system. To get this program on your Clover POS, just install Loyappty through the Clover App Market.

Smart POS (point of sale) systems make it easier for you to run your business. This is because they have integrated different features into their POS system, including barcode scanners. This makes a complete POS system for your business that is further enhanced when you use Loyappty as your digital rewards program.

Have you ever experienced the excitement of filling up a punch card and getting a free coffee at your favorite coffee shop? Loyappty can help you provide that same feeling to customers that keep coming back to your business, just without the cost and hassle of physical punchcards. 

A loyalty program shows those customers that you value their business and want to reward them for choosing your business over a different competitor. Loyappty also lets you take this engagement one step further, allowing your customers to use their points and rewards in different ways. In addition, the geolocational feature also helps you target customers before they’ve even set foot in your store.

All of the benefits we’ve talked about earlier are what will help your business. It might feel like you’re giving away free things to your customers. But through a loyalty program, you’re encouraging customers to keep coming back to your business. Before a customer receives a reward through your loyalty program, they will have proved their loyalty to you by visiting your location a certain number of times, or by making a certain number of purchases. Then you’re providing them with a simple reward that will re-encourage them to choose your business in the future.

We offer different levels of access to Loyappty, starting with a free version so you can test out our rewards program for yourself.

Learn more about pricing for the Loyappty app on our pricing page.

As the business owner, you get access to that customer data on a CRM-like list — CRM stands for “customer relationship management.” Beyond that, you can rest assured that the complex data, like the data your customer provides on the landing page when they sign up, is stored on our encrypted servers. 

If you have more questions about the security of and access to your customer’s data, you can always contact our support team for more information on where your customer’s data is stored and who has access to that information.

Loyappty will help you create a customized digital loyalty card that matches the branding of your business. This will give you and your customer a loyalty reward card that looks unique to your business. 

If you’re ready to start retaining customers and increase the value and loyalty of those customers, make Loyappty your digital loyalty rewards program!

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