8 Tips for Keeping Your Customers, and Their Information, Safe

Today on our blog, we’re here with eight ways to help keep your customers and all of their data safe, along with your business as a whole.

Read through our tips for secure data and, if you’re looking for a safe and secure loyalty rewards program, Loyappty works on any Clover POS system! If you use a different point of sale device, KIOSK will turn your tablet or smartphone into a rewards scanning program! 

8 Ways to Keep Your Business Safe

Stay Prepared

As a business owner, it’s important to acknowledge that you and your business are always at risk. Make secure data your priority and don’t all your business or customer data to be vulnerable. 

If you’re a small business, staying prepared is even more important. The 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report showed that 58% of cyber attack victims were small business owners (defined as businesses with less than 250 employees). So even if you’re a small business, make sure you’re keeping your information secure. 

Create a Strong Password

Strong passwords are a great deterrent for hackers. Make sure your password is strong enough to protect your customers’ data.

With Loyappty, we always recommend creating a strong password for your account. While you might not be keeping information about your business in Loyappty, you’re still creating a database of customer information. So take different precautions to keep that information secure!

Collect Only What You Need

When you’re collecting customer data, think about the information you need. First and last names are a common way to store or organize customers. Beyond that, emails and phone numbers give you additional points of contacts through email campaigns and messaging. Just make sure you have a clear purpose for all of the customer data you’re collecting! 

Understand What You’re Collecting

This builds off of collecting only the information you need. Think through the different personal information you are collecting from your customers. This will help you better understand what you’re collecting and why it’s important to keep secure data for your customers!  

Reduce Outside Access

Think about who has access to your customers’ data and how you can minimize outside access. The same idea goes for passwords. Think about the employees or third-party companies that have access to your passwords and accounts. Do they need access? 

Create Multiple Layers of Protection

Move your information to secure, private networks or servers for an added layer of protection. This will make it harder for hackers to get to your customers’ information! 

Keep Smart Devices Safe

With the increased capabilities of smartphones, it’s more common to have sensitive business information on a mobile device. Just take extra precautions with any tablets or smart devices that have customer data on them. Who is handling those devices? How is that device being stored? 

Consider Paper Documents

With all of the digital programs and databases available, you might forget about the importance of securing paper documents. But if you have customers write down information on paper, make sure you’re controlling who has access to those documents. 

If you’re saving all of your customer information in a rewards system like Loyappty, make sure you properly shred and destroy and paper documents with sensitive information. 

Trust Loyappty

If you’re looking for a rewards program that offers secure data along with a great experience for your loyal customers, you can trust Loyappty

We keep all of our information on encrypted servers and ensure that only the business owner gets access to any customer information collected through their rewards program. 

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