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1. Design Your Digital Loyalty Card

Personalize your mobile wallet loyalty card with your business logo and branding. Mobile Wallet Passes offer the same benefits an app does without the need of downloading an app in the first place. 

2. Layout The Program Rules

Create loyalty rewards that are tailor-made for your loyal customers and business. Customers can earn points based on the amount of purchases or number of visits. 

3. Reward Loyal Customers

Seamlessly reward customers during the checkout process. You can give out free items or discounts based on your program point tiers. 

Loyalty program members spend between
12-18% more than non-loyalty program members

How to redeem?

Download the Loyappty Clover app to integrate your loyalty program with your current processes. 

Download the KIOSK app in the Apple or Google Play store to scan passes on the go.

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