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6 Reasons Your Customer Might Not Like Your Rewards Program

If this isn’t your first time visiting our blog, then you know that we love loyalty rewards programs as a way to reward your loyal customers! 

Today, we want to look at some of the reasons why your customers might not like your rewards program. If you’ve recently set up a program but are not receiving great responses from your loyal customers, you might be wondering why. 

Read through our six reasons why your customers might not like your rewards program. And, if you’re not happy with your current program, download Loyappty. Our loyalty rewards are compatible with any Clover POS or you can turn a smartphone or tablet into a rewards device with our KIOSK app for iOS and Android. 

Complex or Time-Consuming Sign Up Process

If customers have to fill out too much information or if the sign up process takes too much time, customers might abandon signing up partway through. Consider that when you’re deciding what information you’re going to collect on the landing page, along with what loyalty rewards program you want for your business. 

Loyappty is designed to be easy for both you as the business owner and for your customers. You can decide what information you want to collect from your customers and we’ve made setting up the entire program streamlined. To see our simple five-step process, visit our how it works page

Members Forget

Sometimes, you might think your customers don’t like your loyalty rewards when they’ve just forgotten about it! Are your staff members remembering to ask your customers if they’re registered for your rewards program? Are you still asking new customers to sign up for your rewards program? 

A rewards program is only effective if it’s being used consistently by your customers and you need to find ways to keep your customers engaged. One way Loyappty helps do that is by offering location-based messaging. This will send your rewards members customized messages when they’re nearby your business. This will remind them of a sale you have and encourage them to stop by your business and take advantage of their reward program.

Unclear Program Rules

If your customers aren’t sure why they’re signing up for loyalty rewards, then you might see a drop in the amount of members you have. 

Some loyalty rewards programs don’t build up credits or offer incentives to customers. So what’s the point of your loyalty rewards program? This is something you should weigh when you’re considering a program. 

At Loyappty, you can lay out the rules to decide how your customers’ points accumulate and what types of rewards you get. From there, you can set up other engaging features like location-based messaging to target loyal customers who are nearby. 

Program Changes Too Frequently

It’s a great idea to offer new or additional rewards during the holidays or to promote new products, but make sure you aren’t changing your program rules around too often. A program that constantly shifts can start to frustrate your customers. Some changes are necessary, especially as your business grows and changes. But try to keep the basic bones of your rewards program intact to not uproot your customers too much! 

Bad User Experience

Is your program hard to navigate? If you’ve filled your program with additional rules and conditions in order to get their rewards, you might leave your customers feeling frustrated. Instead of creating a complex, elaborate rewards system, think about keeping things simple: reward loyal customers for their business. 

To ensure your customers don’t have a bad user experience, make your reward program rules clear from the beginning and take the time to answer any questions they have while signing up.

Rewards Aren’t Appealing

Think about the type of rewards you’re offering your customers. Does your reward program offer only one type of reward? While that reward might work for some of your customers, it might not feel like enough for other customers. To keep things interesting and fix this problem, offer different types of rewards to make sure you’re appealing to a wide variety of customers. 

Find a Loyalty Rewards Program

If you’re worried about your customers not valuing your loyalty rewards program, then we hope that some of these reasons can help you better understand why. Make your loyal customers a priority and use Loyappty to give them loyalty rewards centered around them.

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