How Loyalty Rewards Provide Customer Incentives

Not sure how offering rewards through a loyalty program can help incentivize your loyal customers? Today, we have some ways that a loyalty rewards program can work as something beneficial for your business. 

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Incentivizing Loyal Customers With a Rewards Program

Improve Your Customer Experience

We hear a lot about the importance of customer service and customer experience. You can think about your rewards program as an extension of your customer service. A simple program works to acknowledge your loyal customers every time they purchase from your business.

You can also communicate with them through location-based messages when they are nearby your business. This message can let them know about sales you have or further share the experience your business provides, encouraging them to stop by. 

Reward Return Visits

Depending on the product or service you’re providing, there are other businesses that also provide something similar. So what makes your business stand out among the others? Beyond the quality of your product and your customer service, many consumers love saving money. 

So when your rewards program allows loyal customers to save up their points and redeem them for savings or a free product, they are incentivized to keep coming back to your business. You can also reward any friends or family they bring into your business through a referral program or additional reward opportunities. 

Increase Your Brand Awareness

The types of customers that will get the most out of your rewards programs are your largest spenders and most loyal customers. This means that they truly value your business and product and frequently purchase from your business. 

When you have a group of loyal customers signed up to your rewards program, you’re increasing the engagement and awareness of your business with those customers. This also means that these are the loyal customers you want to incentivize. Instead of plateauing your customer service, constantly remind them how valuable and unique they are. If you’re worried about them getting used to or bored with your rewards, mix them up! 

Creates Brand Loyalty

Another important thing to remember is that customers like being loyal to their business. If you have a social media presence and encourage customers to tag your business page, they will! In fact, a study by Yotpo found that 52.5% of loyal customers will join a rewards program if they’re asked. 

Give loyal customers a powerful outlet where they can show their brand loyalty while also providing incentives through rewards. 

Encourages Communication

What kind of presence or experience does your business provide customers with? Opening a line of communication with your customers is a powerful way to get your loyal customers to talk about your business. Communication has many different benefits that range from reminding your customers that you appreciate them to receiving various feedback and information directly from the source. 

Increases Customer Retention

Keeping the same customers for extended periods of time can be challenging. But a rewards program is a good way to increase customer retention. In fact, found that returning customers spend up to 67% more than new or first-time customers — so retaining those repeat customers is important for your business. 

Reward Loyal Customers With Loyappty

We hope that you better understand the different ways a rewards program can incentivize your customers. From encouraging return business to increasing brand awareness, adding a simple rewards program can have large, positive impacts on your business. 

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