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Integrate your rewards program with your most important tool — your Clover card reader

Clover Loyalty App

Don't turn your world upside down

Loyappty seamlessly integrates to your Clover card reader to the loyalty card app without disrupting your checkout process. 

1. Input Purchase Items

Normally add all the items the customer is purchasing

2. Scan The Loyalty Card App

Click the Loyappty icon and scan customer’s mobile wallet pass

3. Charge Customer

After scanning pass charge the customer like you would normally do

Reward your customers with a loyalty card app.

Show your loyal customers some appreciation with rewards tailored for them. Instead of weighing your customers down with another loyalty card they have to carry around, our loyalty card app seamlessly integrated with your clover POS system and downloads into your customers digital wallet. 

When it comes to both you and your customers, there are many benefits to starting a loyalty reward program, ranging from boosting your own growth to making both your new and returning customers happy. Read through some of those benefits and see if your loyalty card app is right for your business! 

Still have questions about our loyalty card app? Take a look at our FAQ page or contact us with any additional questions!

Clover Loyalty App

Benefits of the Loyappty Loyalty Card App

1. Boost Your Business’s Growth

Different studies have shown that loyalty rewards programs can help boost the growth of your business. Depending on the rewards and sales you offer, different loyalty programs can yield different results. But, with a program like Loyappty, you can log into your account and update or modify the program rules based on the success (or discrepancies) you are noticing with your current loyalty rewards. This gives you the ability to tailor your rewards around upcoming holidays, new product releases, or based on previous success of certain campaigns or sales. 

Clover Loyalty App

2. Increase Customer Retention

As a business owner, we know that you understand the importance of building a group of loyal clientele. In fact, according to, your returning customers can spend up to 67% more than first-time customers. So you want to make sure you’re providing perks and rewards to keep those loyal customers coming back again and again. When you cater to the customers who already understand the value of your product or business, you can increase your overall customer retention rate.

3. Collect Customer Data and Trends

A loyalty card app is a great way to collect information about your customers and how they use your business. When they sign up for our loyalty card, you can select what information is collected, including: 

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Birthday (and age) 

This allows you to customize what information you get from each customer. Beyond that, our loyalty card app will give you an idea of their spending behavior, product preferences, and different customer habits. You can use this information to better inform what promotions you run and also tailor your rewards to certain customer groups.

Clover Loyalty App
Clover Loyalty App

4. Incentivize Your Customers

The benefits of a loyalty card app like Loyappty are two-fold. First, as we’ve already mentioned, you reward those loyal, returning customers for committing to your business. Second, you also incentivize new customers to return following their first, initial visit. By providing incentives for both new and existing customers, you can work to boost your reputation through word of mouth as others recommend your business — and loyalty reward program — to their friends and family.

5. Grow Your Reputation

When you reward loyal customers for purchasing from your business, you are building a positive reputation with those clients. Not only do they feel like returning to your business over and over again, but when they receive special rewards or discounts, they feel appreciated. This creates a cyclical experience where that customer continues to feel appreciated and will share their positive experience with others, building your company’s reputation out in the community. 

Clover Loyalty App

6. Encourage Customer Communication

When you set up a loyalty card app like Loyappty, you are establishing a direct line of communication between your business and your customers. This makes your business feel more personable to each individual customer and provides you a way to directly communicate with the customer. There are other program features, like our geo-locational targeting, that allow you to extend that line of communication. If previous customers are in the vicinity of your business location, you can send custom messages to their phone — like announcing new products or limited deals. 

7. A Self-Sustaining Loyalty Card App

While the initial creation of your loyalty card app requires both time and a monetary investment, that commitment diminishes once you get the program started. With the Loyappty reward program, you have the option to go back and tweak your card design or customize your rewards. But once you’ve gone through the initial set-up, our program becomes self-sustaining, guiding new customers through the signup process while continuing to reward loyal customers.

Clover Loyalty App

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