7 Ways to Have Customers Advocate for Your Business

Word of mouth marketing is a powerful way to use your loyal customers to your advantage. But what can you do if you want to increase your customers’ engagement and recommendations for your business? 

Read through some different things you can do to have your customers advocate for your business. Loyappty is a rewards program to help reward loyal customers for their continued support. Use our KIOSK app to turn any tablet or smartphone into a rewards scanner or add our app to your Clover POS

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

There are indirect ways you can get your customers to appreciate and advocate for your business. But one of the most powerful ways is to provide the best customer service. When you focus on customer service, you’re making both the experience of new and loyal customers your priority.

If your customers come into your store and receive the right balance of attention and independence to browse, they’ll leave wanting to tell their friends about their experience. 

Use Employee Energy

This point builds off providing great customer service. Having energetic and motivated employees is another strong way to help advocate for your business. Your employees are interacting with your customers on a daily basis, so, in turn, you want to make sure your employees are motivated, happy, and well-trained. This will help further extend the impact of your customer service.

On top of that, you might not think about your customers as part of your customer base. If your employees genuinely love and appreciate your product, it will make your customers’ experience that much better!

Offer Rewards 

Do you offer rewards to your loyal customers? If your customers think they’re receiving great rewards and a positive customer experience, then they’re more likely to recommend your business or products to others. 

At Loyappty, we know a thing or two about reward programs and loyal customers! That’s why we’ve designed a loyalty rewards program that works with any Clover POS, tablet, or smartphone. Returning customers feel valued and receive different perks for choosing your business over other potential competition. 

Create a Referral Program 

Your current customers are a great way to get new customers into your business. Do you already have a referral program in place? If not, consider adding one! 

Referral programs encourage your loyal customers to bring in their friends and family to sign up for your rewards program. You could offer something as simple as a small free product or additional rewards credits for their referral. 

Remember Their Name

If you’re a larger business, this might be more challenging. But if you’re a small business, take note of your regulars and go out of your way to remember their name. This will give them a unique, personalized experience and leave them telling their friends about your business! 

You can even go one step further and ask questions about their hobbies or family so you have something you can follow up on next time they visit! 

Request Customer Feedback

Many business owners might feel hesitant to ask for customer feedback or reviews. But they are actually a powerful way to have your loyal customers share their experience with and recommendations for your business. 

If you get negative reviews back, take a look at what they’re saying. Use that review as a chance to address their concerns and improve your business and experience! That kind of customer focus will show and help improve your overall customer experience. Then, if you get back positive reviews, you know you’re doing something right! 

Take Advantage of Technology

Technology is constantly redefining businesses and how consumers interact with their business. So take advantage of that! In fact, 80% of shoppers use their phones while they’re in a store to look at reviews, find alternate locations, and compare pricing. So make sure your business is up-to-date with that technology. If you’re losing business to competitors, consider a price match policy to those other businesses.

Furthermore, is it easy to find your business on social media? Are your customer reviews posted? Give your customers different ways to interact with your business to help spread the word! 

Loyappty also takes advantage of new technology. Our rewards program creates a digital rewards card that your customers can add to their digital wallet. This means that they always have their rewards card handy and available! 

Download Loyappty Today

We hope that some of these suggestions will help you improve your engagement with your customers and encourage them to advocate for your business. 

If you’re ready to get started with a rewards program for your loyal customers, try Loyappty. Learn more about how it works and download Loyappty from the Clover App Market or KIOSK from the Apple App or Google Play store.

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