How to Not Overwhelm Your Customer When They Come in to Your Business

Being known for your great and energetic customer service is something any business owner wants. But how do you make sure you’re not overwhelming your customers when they enter your business?

At Loyappty, we know how important it is to find a balance between showing your customers that you appreciate their business and giving them the space they need to shop without being bombarded by marketing materials. That’s why we created a simple, easy-to-use, digital rewards program. 

Learn more about how to not overwhelm your loyal customers in today’s post. If you’re ready to get started with our rewards program, you can download Loyappty from the Clover App Market. Don’t use a Clover POS system? Turn your smartphone or tablet into a rewards scanner with our KIOSK app.

Our Tips for Not Overwhelming Your Customers

Create a Community

Focus on creating a community for your loyal customers. You want them to feel included and loyal to your brand without overwhelming them with marketing and sales pitches. 

Think about some ways you can have your customers feel involved in your community. Is there a forum or social media channel where they can interact with your business on a more personal or intimate level? Or do you offer a blog where you provide tips or more information for your customers? 

Thinking about your loyal customers and business as one community is a great way to make sure you’re giving customers just the right amount of interaction. 

Offer Knowledge

Finding the balance between sales speak and casual conversation can be challenging for any business. If you don’t want to overwhelm your customers, try not to bombard them with too many sales gimmicks right when they walk in. An easy way to avoid this is to offer knowledge instead of more sales-leaning language. 

With the amount of information available online and through competitors, you also want to provide your customers with all of the relevant information they need about your product. This knowledge can even be posted online in the form of valuable or updated content. 

Many customers would prefer to read through a knowledge base before having to ask questions or contact a business or customer support. Give them the information they need to make an informed decision about your product in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re marketing towards them! 

Avoid Offering Too Many Choices 

Studies have shown that humans can get overwhelmed when they are presented with too many choices. Marketing to your customers by providing different incentives, programs, specials, and sales is great. But make sure you’re not overwhelming your customers — especially when they’re already in the check out line. 

Think about how many questions you and your cashiers are asking at check out. Does that feel too overwhelming? Something like asking to scan their digital loyalty reward card is a great way to reward and acknowledge loyal customers, but don’t bombard them with questions and additional incentives or sign-ups. 

Provide a Memorable Customer Service Experience

What are you doing to provide a memorable customer service to each customer who comes into your business or visits your store online? 

You might offer a valuable or high-quality product, but customer service also plays a larger factor in your business. If you make the entire process too complicated or have too many steps for your customers to go through, they might end up feeling overwhelmed.

When it comes to customer service, evaluate aspects like ordering, delivery, reviews, and personalization. How are you doing in these areas? Is there anything you could improve? 

Choose Loyappty 

Loyal customers deserve to be rewarded. Use Loyappty as a powerful way to reward loyal customers. We’ve made the entire process easy and with the ability to customize your signup screen and digital loyalty card. Choose from our app for Clover POS systems or our smartphone KIOSK app

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