5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Hacking

No business owner wants to be hacked, especially when the information that is being leaked or stolen is private information about your customers, banking, your products, and more. 

As business owners ourselves, we know that you save a lot of important information that you need to remain secure. But do you know how to protect your business from hacking and keep secure data? 

Loyappty is here with five ways to keep your business protected and ensure that all of your data remains secure. If you’re looking for a program you can trust to keep your customer’s information safe while also providing customized and tailored rewards for loyalty customers, then choose Loyappty! You can download our app for your Clover POS from the Clover App Market, or turn your smartphone or tablet into a rewards system with our KIOSK app.

5 Ways to Keep Your Business Safe

Read through some of the things you can do to ensure that your business information is not inviting hackers. 

Trust Your Programs

Make sure that any programs that store business or customer information are from companies you can trust. If you’re just going for the cheapest program, you might be putting the security of your information at risk. 

We know that our Loyappty rewards program stores customer data, along with different spending habits and trends to help you better serve those loyal customers. We take that information very seriously. That’s why we ensure that this complex data is stored on our encrypted servers. We do not share your customers information, so you can rest easy knowing that their information is only shared with you and your business.  

Monitor the Information That Is Shared 

This point builds off the idea of trusting the programs you choose for your business. With more and more information being stored online, do you know what information is being shared with different suppliers and vendors? On top of that, do you use any companies that sell or share information with a third party? 

When you’re choosing to store information in the cloud, look at the company you’re choosing and see what their policy is about secure data. This will keep you and all of your customers safe! 

Have a Strong, Secure ISP

Your business ISP, or Internet Service Product, gives you access to the Internet along with hosting for your site and more. While your ISP might give you access to the Internet, not all providers are the same. Sure, speed and price are two important factors to consider. But it’s also important to look at different packages and see if any providers offer built-in security features. This will help secure data for your business. Once the security of that provider checks out, then you can look at their speed and pricing.

For the best ISP provider, find one that gives you all three: security, speed, and a great price!

Change Your Passwords

You might not want a 30-character symbol-heavy encrypted password, but you also want to put a little bit of thought into your passwords. If they’re protecting business and customer information, think about frequently changing your passwords to ensure secure data for your business. Also think about where you’re storing those passwords. If they’re online, is that location also secure? 

Limit or Block Unnecessary Sites

If there are sites that are irrelevant or unnecessary for your business, then limit access to those sites! The less sites your work systems can access, the less chance of exposure you have to viruses and spyware. On top of that, make sure your antivirus software is up to date and running routine checks to make sure your network hasn’t picked up something from an unsafe site. 

You Can Trust Loyappty 

Did you find some changes you can make to make secure data a priority for your business and customers? From destroying your network and files to releasing private customer information, hacking can do some serious damage to your reputation and your business. 

Make sure you’re talking all the steps you can to keep your business safe. At Loyappty, we also make secure data a priority for all of our customers. Our rewards program is also a powerful way to show some appreciation to both new and loyal customers. 

Loyappty is compatible with the Clover POS system and available for download from the Clover Market App. Don’t use Clover as your point of sale system? Add our KIOSK app to your smartphone or tablet and start scanning digital loyalty cards today! 

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