Is Your Loyalty Rewards Program Ready for the Holidays?

As any small or big business owner already knows, the holiday season brings Black Friday and gift shopping sprees. But have you created a loyalty rewards program? Or is your loyalty rewards program holiday-ready?

When it comes to your business, the Loyappty team is here to help. Read through some of our tips and make sure you don’t wait until it’s too late! Get your Loyappty loyalty rewards program up and running before the holiday rush arrives. 

At Loyappty, we want all of our businesses to be properly prepared for the holidays with customized rewards for their customers. Our Loyappty rewards program is available for the Clover POS operating system or to download at the KIOSK app. You can install our Clover app today or learn more about the features and pricing

Tips for Your Loyalty Rewards Program Over the Holidays

When it comes to this time of year, you know that customers are seeking out new and old business to help with their holiday shopping. You want to make sure you have customer rewards for both new and returning customers, whether you’re running different sales or giving a larger reward every time someone purchases from your business. 

Read through some of our holiday tips and make sure you Loyappty rewards program is good to go! 

Make Your Rewards Program Visible

Whether your loyalty rewards program is relatively new or has been around for ages, if your customers don’t know about it, they won’t sign up for it! This holiday, think about how visible your rewards program is. 

Are your cashiers consistent in asking customers if they’re signed up? Are your employees remembering to scan digital loyalty cards every time? Do you have a sign with information about your rewards program? During the holidays, think about the different ways you’re making your rewards program visible by new and returning customers. 

Encourage New Customers to Sign Up

What can you do to encourage customers who are new to your business to sign up for your rewards program? During the holiday season, you can provide them with special offerings if they enroll in your program. For example, you can offer a one-time discount or freebie with their purchase and enrollment. Just make sure you find the right balance that keeps the value of your products high while providing just enough incentives to gain new loyalty rewards members. 

Going Expert: If you want to gain even more information from new enrollment, you can perform A/B testing and offer two different types of incentives. Just track which incentive brought you the best results and highest engagement. Then, by the time Black Friday or last-minute holiday shopping comes around, you know what rewards will give your business the greatest returns. 

Run a Prize Drawing or Giveaway

Hosting a prize drawing or giveaway is a great way to get people to stop by your business. You can open this up to either rewards members or any customer who purchases during the entry period. Make sure you use your geo-locational targeting to your advantage and let nearby rewards members know that you’re offering a prize! 

Consider a Private Shopping Event for Rewards Members

You might have seen some large businesses, like Sephora, create private shopping events for customers who are part of their rewards program. Creating an exclusive event like that can help motivate people to sign up for your loyalty rewards program and encourage customers to come to your store. This shopping event can also offer those customers exclusive first access to a new product you have or your holiday-relevant merchandise. 

Go further: Want to take this idea of rewarding your program members one step further? Or are you not quite ready to host and plan a private shopping event? You could offer members 4x more rewards if they shop during a certain time frame. Again, this will encourage your rewards customers to come into your business. 

Reward Customer Referrals

Word of mouth and referrals are more great ways to get new customers. If you want to encourage those customers to sign up for your loyalty rewards program, consider incentivizing them for referring friends and family to your business. Whether you offer bonus points for signing up or a freebie with purchase, your loyal customers are a great way to recruit more business. 

Think About Holiday-Relevant Offerings

Whether you’re a cookie shop with Santa-shaped cookies or you have the best stocking stuffers in town, think about how you can market your services in relation to the holidays. 

For example, home good stores will offer complimentary gift wrapping services for any gifts you purchase there. While this might seem like a simple offering, it saves the customer time and money! Just remember, an incentive like gift wrapping is a great feature to share with nearby customers through geo-locational targeting. Are you offering same-day or next-day delivery amidst the busy holiday shopping? Share that with your customers through mobile push notifications. 

You can also use your reward system to reward customers for buying certain holiday-relevant gifts, like doubling their rewards or unlocking a new coupon or bonus code. 

Give Your Customers an Experience

Do people love coming to your store for the experience? Think about what your customers see and who they interact with when they come to your business. Is there something new you could give your loyal customers to enhance their experience? Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes look at how your product is created or running a competition to name or create a new product, use the holidays as a chance to give them a memorable experience. Don’t forget to activate your location-based messaging to let nearby rewards customers know what you’re doing! 

Plan for After the Holidays 

You spent the holidays increasing engagement and building your loyalty rewards program. Now what? Plan for what you’re going to do with those new rewards members now that the holidays are over. Are you going to run another offer or encourage your rewards members to come spend the loyalty points they just earned? Take some time now to plan out your promotions for the new year. This will allow you to keep that line of communication open between your business and your new rewards customers. 

Make Loyappty Your Trusted Loyalty Rewards Program

At Loyappty, we’ve worked hard to design a loyalty rewards program that allows you to customize your card to match your business branding and let you collect relevant customer data. On top of that, we can ensure that any customer data you collect is kept safe through our encrypted servers. 

Loyappty is compatible with a Clover POS but can also be downloaded using the KIOSK app and your phone. We’ve also make the setup process as simple as five easy steps: 

  1. Create a landing page. This is what your customers will see when they go to sign up for your loyalty program and will collect information like their name, email address, and phone number. 
  2. Now take some time to design your loyalty rewards card. This is what the customer will see any time they access their digital card. 
  3. Activate your geo-locational messaging. This will let you send messages to customers when they are nearby your store.
  4. Decide your program rules: How many points do they get? How much do they have to spend to get rewards? 
  5. Start rewarding your customers! Encourage new and returning customers to sign up.

It’s just that simple! You can learn more about how Loyappty works and read through our FAQs

We hope that these loyalty rewards tips help you feel motivated to reward your customers and gain new members. If you’re ready to get ahead of the holiday rush and get your rewards program ready for the holidays, make sure you choose Loyappty and install our Clover app now!

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